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Since 2016 we have used advanced microbiome science to test, restore, and maintain the gut microbiome of tens of thousands of cats. See how our tests and supplement products can help your cat!

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A one-of-a-kind report with findings from one of the largest pet microbiome health databases in the world and a survey of 4,000 pet parents in the U.S.
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An Imbalanced Gut May Be Causing Your Cat’s Symptoms.

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Bad Breath
Skin & Coat

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Find out what’s going on in your cat’s gut.

Take a gut health test and get actionable insights. 

Restore your cat’s gut health.

Improve gut health with diet changes and supplements.

Maintain a balanced gut.

Stay symptom-free with daily gut health support.

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Purr-Worthy Results for KittyBiome

“I promised Marigold I would find a solution to her chronic diarrhea. Within 3 days of starting the supplements, Marigold regained control over her bowel movements…” – Tracy with Marigold 🐾
“Thank you for saving Rocky from having to be on meds that only help with the symptoms of an unbalanced gut! Thank you for helping me treat the main cause of his issues.” — Dawn with Rocky 🐾
“Bella is doing so much better. Her inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is improving, thanks to KittyBiome!” — Megan with Bella 🐾
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