Cat Products for Bad Breath

An imbalanced mouth and gut microbiome may be causing your cat’s stinky breath.

Restore Gut & Oral Health

For Dogs with Severe or Chronic Bad Breath Caused by Poor Gut Health
For Occasional or Mild Bad Breath and Daily Gut Health Support
Helps Reduce Unhealthy E.coli Levels in Your Cat’s Mouth

Test Gut & Oral Health

Health Tip

We recommend testing your cat’s oral and gut microbiomes. Get 20% off when you purchase our Oral Health Test and Gut Health Test together. Use code: BADBREATHBUNDLE at checkout.

Find Out How Poor Gut Health Could Be Causing Your Cat’s Bad Breath
Find Out What Could Be Causing Your Cat’s Bad Breath & Oral Health Issues

Save on Bundles

Includes 1 Gut Test + Gut Restore Supplement
Includes 2 Gut Tests + Gut Restore Supplement