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“I trust and rely upon KittyBiome products.”

Dr. Dianna Drumm, DVM, Animal Healing Center

I trust and rely on KittyBiome testing to give me the most complete picture of my patient’s gut flora good and bad. Their extensive library of bacterial behaviours and functions helps me to guide diet modification, exercise programs, and if formal gut restoration will be helpful. The KittyBiome testing really provides a piece of the puzzle for these difficult cases we otherwise would have neglected.

“My clients rave about KittyBiome products.”

Dr. Sue Howell, DVM, Thrive Wholistic Veterinary Care

“KittyBiome has brought healing to a new level for pets at my holistic practice who are dealing with long term skin and digestive issues. With KittyBiome Gut Restoration and Gut Maintenance products I can target the imbalances in the microbiome that lay at the foundation of these problems. Their professional reports and consults help with supplement and dietary recommendations for each pet which makes my job easier and my clients are raving about the results.” 

“I consider KittyBiome as an invaluable part of my team.”

Odette Suter, DVM, Peak Animal Health Center

KittyBiome capsules are a crucial therapeutic agent I use in my practice with most animals I see. With digestive issues being all too prevalent, I’m grateful to have access to healthy biomes that allow the restoration of my patients’ gut flora and as a result their overall health. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t test and treat in this way. Much of my appreciation also goes to the KittyBiome team. With their passion for our animal friends’ wellbeing and love of microbes and research I consider them an invaluable part of my team.

“KittyBiome has been a wonderful resource.”

Robin Woodley, DVM, CVA, Hawai’i Veterinary Acupuncture

I have used KittyBiome’s analysis and FMT capsules with many patients over the last several years, and have seen remarkable improvements in canine and feline health over time, both in terms of food sensitivities and intolerances and skin conditions. The importance of a healthy microbiome is becoming more apparent every year, and KittyBiome has been a wonderful resource. The staff is incredibly helpful to my inquiries as well as my clients. I highly recommend them.

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