Purr-Worthy Results for KittyBiome

We’re grateful to have helped over 30,000 pets and the humans who love them. Here’s what our customers are saying.

I was amazed at how quickly our kitties looked and felt better. Thank you, KittyBiome!!! We Are Happy Cat Campers Here!!!

Rocky’s Story


“Rocky had awful bouts of diarrhea after antibiotic treatment. We are happy to report that Rocky is feeling better now after using KittyBiome’s supplement. Within days of starting the treatment I noticed a huge difference in Rocky and his poop. The diarrhea has stopped! Thank you for saving Rocky from having to be on meds that only help with the symptoms of an unbalanced gut! Thank you for helping me treat the main cause of his issues.”

Dawn and Rocky 🐾 
IG: @rocky_onwheels

Gizmo’s Story

Digestive and Skin Issues: Hairballs, Allergies, Skin Rashes

“Gizmo is about 11 years old and has been having issues since she was 4 years old – hairballs and associated digestive issues in the beginning then allergies and intolerances with increasing frequencies in the last years. She’s been on a homemade diet for about three years now which has been very effective in finding the causes for allergies and food intolerances. I introduced her to the FMT capsules last year. They were very effective in managing digestive and motility issues which she has after the hairball season. Random rashes have completely stopped.”

Nalan and Gizmo 🐾 
IG: @gizmo.in.bulgaria

Marigold’s Story

Chronic Diarrhea

“I promised Marigold I would find a solution to her chronic diarrhea. Within 3 days of starting the supplements, Marigold regained control over her bowel movements. After one week, she was doing something she had almost never done since I had known her–she was having normal bowel movements.”

Tracy and Marigold 🐾

Bella’s Story

Digestive Issues and IBD

“Bella is doing so much better. Her inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is improving, thanks to KittyBiome! I am still being super cautious because Bella still has a lot working against her with IBD, diabetes, and pancreatitis. Despite all this, she seems happy. At least once a day, she aggressively demands cuddles. She is also stretching out more when she’s napping. So, fingers crossed, we are out of the woods, and Bella can now be a happy, healthy, silly cat.”

Megan and Bella 🐾 

Parkers’s Story


“I found Parker in a covered parking lot at work. He was this tiny and very loud kitten huddled in a dark corner all by himself. I scooped him up and took him to the vet who determined he was 4 weeks old and seemingly healthy. He did really well for a few weeks, but once he was old enough to no longer need his formula slurry mix, he started struggling with vomiting and extreme diarrhea. The poor little guy couldn’t be lifted or jump too high without having an accident. He tested positive for giardia at his first vet visit but he they treated him for that and he was testing negative. He would go through episodes of frothy vomiting and anorexia. He didn’t eat for a six days once. He tested positive for entero toxins and alpha a toxins (sorry if that’s the wrong term) in his intestines. We tried every medication and diet available. Once the doctor started giving him dangerous size doses of medications without any luck, I started googling and found KittyBiome. My vet agreed to try. She did a fecal transplant on him with stool from her own healthy cat and then we gave Parker a few months of KittyBiome supplement. This little guy was so sick for his first 11 months of life, but he has been normal now and just turned 4. 🙂

Amy and Parker 🐾 

Mystery Solved

about KittyBiome™ Gut Health Test
Jennifer 07/21/22

“Our cat is five years old and for the last three years has been an excessive groomer to the point of causing infection and significant hair loss on her belly. We’d tried special diets, allergy shots, and a number of other things. Last summer one of her vets recommended doing the KittyBiome test. At the time, it was a bit more expensive than our budget allowed. By December we were able to do it and also the Gut Restore. What we learned from the test helped us figure out what was out of whack with her. We’ve had to do a few rounds of the Gut Restore and seen more and more long lasting improvement with each round and are cautiously optimistic that we’ve finally solved this mystery. It was definitely worth the money.”

Works amazingly well

I got these for my IBD Kitty who alternates between diarrhea and constipation. Sometimes I give her psyllium husk fiber for constipation and saccharomiasis boulardi for diarrhea, since these FMT capsules are quite expensive, but when the basics aren’t working well enough the FMT capsules work amazingly well and quickly. I think they are literally a lifesaver for her. I’ve started also giving FMT capsules to my other two cats who have other health issues in case having a younger healthier biome may help them in some way too; I’m not sure but it’s low risk.


about KittyBiome™ GMP
Gail 05/12/22

All of a sudden my cat acquired severe diarrhea and my Vet had no solutions except antibiotics which had no effect. So I gave KittyBiome a chance. After getting results from microbiome testing I followed the protocol recommended. This included Gut Restore Supplement and the Gut Maintenance Supplement. This took about 2 months to complete but it finally worked. I highly recommend these supplements they saved my Cats life.”


about KittyBiome™ Gut Health Test
Becky 07/20/22

“I have a kitty that has been suffering from IBD for the past 5 years. He is also pre diabetic and suffers from urinary tract issues. This is the only product that has helped him. He has gained weight and stopped having accidents all over my house. I am so thankful I found this company. Products are worth every dollar. Saved my fur baby’s life. Super helpful consultation from technicians as well. I have been singing the praises of this product to my vet and other friends/family who have pets with intestinal issues that can not find any resolve.

Something that works

Our cat had been struggling with diarrhea for about a year. Our vet tried everything. Ran every test and nothing. Did the KittyBiome gut restore and maintenance which helped. Then started him in this which has worked wonders and his stool is now normal and consistent. Only issue is the bottle crystalizes/hardens when it gets low. Which the last bit is wasted. Capsule form would be great and would ensure he’s getting it all.

Great product, life saver – mine and my cat’s!

“My cat had a really severe bout of flu when she was about 5 weeks, right at death’s door and had pretty much gone through all the antibiotics(IV and oral) available in my location. She managed to pull through but with all that antibiotics plus other meds in her system, it totally messed up her gut flora and she came down with chronic diarrhea-had it for over a year. My vet suggested giving this a shot, before I actually considered putting her through GA doing scopes, biopsies to rule in/out IBD or other issues and also to maybe try fecal transplant. All of which would cost me a bomb, not to mention a chunk of stress on my cat and myself. At the same time, my other cat started chronic diarrhea as well. So, I tried this and stuck to it for a few months and…lo and behold…Their diarrhea got better and now they have normal stools. I am SO grateful that this worked for them. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this product. But saying that, your vet should always be consulted first too! Thank you!!”

Customer Service Top Notch!

“My vet highly recommends this therapy, and this company. I’m pretty sure it’s helping, but it’s hard to tell because they are older with multiple issues. No sooner did I complete one of the courses, and had to put them through antibiotics again. So I am essentially starting over.I do believe it helps, but will not resolve overnight–it will take patience and maybe more time than they have, but I would not hesitate to recommend this company. I’ve had a number of questions during the time I’ve used it on my kitties, and I usually get an answer back within a couple of hours. No waiting days, months, or never getting an answer. These people are serious about helping your fur baby get the most out of their treatment.”

Milton and Dudley

Milton and Dudley are both rescues. They came to us with severe digestive issues, uncontrollable diarrhea. I spent several years trying different foods and supplements, nothing was working. Started doing research on line and found KittyBiome. Milton has been evaluated and is taking S. boulardii + FOS powder, pumpkin fiber & a high protein food. He is doing great! We are waiting on results for Dudley and excited to see his health improve.

Transformed my IBD cat

My cat was recently diagnosed with IBD. Instead of giving him the vets probiotic I read about the benefits of this formula and decided to try this and I am glad I did. With this product and a novel protein diet he has not vomited or had diarrhea. He has stopped scratching and his coat looks healthy again. Lifesaver!

“Very Helpful”

about KittyBiome™ Gut Health Test
Maria 07/23/22

My cat has had chronic digestive issues for a long time, and my vet recommended the Kitty Biome gut health test. It was so helpful to get detailed information about his gut biome!


My 13 y/o calico has hyperthyroidism which causes loose stools. I have recently added KittyBiome S. boulardii + FOS powder and psyllium husk powder to her diet twice a day and she now has partially formed stool. I will continue to use this product in hopes of healing her gut. Just as humans, the gut must be healed in order for the body to follow. Next step is radioactive iodine treatment. I also give this powder to my 15 y/o and have noticed no problems. Also, after several doctor appointments and multiple stool specimens tested they could not find any issues. I decided to test with KittyBiome and found a multitude of problems that the specialty vet did not test for. I am so grateful for this company for giving me the tools to treat my babies!

“Awesome product”

about KittyBiome™ GMP
Megan 07/05/21

The product and online portal are user-friendly and full of helpful information.

Best product ever!

“My cat suffered with severe IBD for nearly 2 years. Countless prescription meds provided temporary relief but failed to help beyond a band aid approach. He took the gut restore capsules and S Bouilliardii for 45 days and he is clinically cured, confirmed by ultrasound! He’s been off of all prescription meds and prescription foods for over 6 months now and has never been healthier.

Worth it

about KittyBiome™ Gut Health Test
Ellen 07/21/22

Frequent & seriously stinky wet poops from our 1.5yo male kitty his whole life. Saw this test & thought, why not? Test was user friendly & results were helpful. Started kitty on gut maintenance & s boulardii fos powder. Within 3 weeks, both his gut balance & poop were much improved. Thank you!“”